La Fundacion Universitaria del Area Andina

is a non-profit private law organization, of common utility, with Legal Entity, administrative autonomy and independent patrimony, subject to the Political Constitution and the laws of Colombia.


  • Excellence: We look proactively to reach the highest quality in our daily individual and collective work, with sentiments that inspire us to be better and vehemently desire to become in disciplined, cult, ethic and outstanding human beings.
  • Respect: We recognize and guarantee the individual and collective rights. We gladly accept and value the right to be different, favoring a healthy coexistence and a plural and tolerant environment.
  • Responsibility: At an individual, collective and an institutional level we are engaged to the society in fulfilling our Mission mandates. We reflect, guide, value and take on the consequences of our acts, to face them in a proactive and comprehensive way.
  • Leadership: we proactively and positively influence people to strengthen the development of a humanistic perspective of the human being, to integrally form people with social awareness, capable of seeing beyond the obvious and of analyzing the causes and consequences of what surrounds them, who think and act in pro of society’s welfare and who are committed to improve their environment.
  • trustworthy, secure and supportive processes.
  • Solidarity: We adopt as ours the interests and expectations of the internal and external community, with socially responsible group and institutional practices, for the collective welfare. We understand and value that the human being is social by nature and as such has to develop by interacting with other human beings.
  • Service: we promote creative processes with quality and differentiated added value to positively impact and contribute to the development of our social target groups.
  • Identity: In all of our proceedings we are committed to the foundational thought, always ensuring to lift the name of Fundacion Universitaria del Area Andina high and taking as own the values and strategic institutional objectives, performing our actions with pride and passion.
  • Happiness: we promote and facilitate behaviors that inspire sentiments of joy, love and hope of a better future.
  • Effectiveness: balanced work with efficiency and efficacy, using resources in the best possible way in all our acts ensuring the achievement of the institutional goals, with sustainable criteria.


La Fundacion Universitaria del Area Andina adopt as its own the current constitutional and legal principles in regards to Higher Education Programs and takes part in the following institutional principles:

  • La Fundacion will be managed by people of its own bosom and oriented to national development.
  • La Fundacion will raise students’ awareness on science and technology, on national problems and on their responsibility towards them.
  • La Fundacion will promote the comprehensive training of the human being and the development of its personality.
  • La Fundacion will permanently review and check its training, research, teaching, extension programs and services to ensure the objectives and to adjust them to the progress of science.
  • La Fundacion will develop the scientific and technological capacity, promoting the training of researchers among the teachers and students community in order to generate and renew the knowledge contributing to culture assimilation and creation as well as to the transformation and development processes of the country.
  • La Fundacion will be opened to those who, in exercise of the principles of equal opportunity and equal rights, show to have the academic skills required.

La Fundacion will be conformed by the national and international community in constant communication and experience exchange to gain and disclose the scientific advancements and the Institutional academic achievements.


Contributing to a sustainable development with quality and pertinence by knowledge appropriation, application and transfer and the permanent and comprehensive training of people from a humanistic perspective and from critical and reflexive thinking.


Areandina will be a Higher Education Institution with impact on the regions of Colombia, nationally acknowledged for its contribution to the social transformation.


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